Various types of landscaping rocks

You have a large yard outside your house and you are thinking to make it look special by using rocks. Landscaping of rocks can be a good idea to change the look of your yard. The landscaping rocks can be used in a number of ways to decorate your outer yard. You can create various landscaping design with the help of these rocks.

This can be a good idea, but there are different landscaping rocks available which you can use to decorate your outer yard. But, you don’t need to worry, as we will show you the different types of rocks which you can easily get through various landscape supplies. Here are they:


  1. River Rock

As the name suggests, you can find out this rock near the river beds. These rocks are beautiful and provide an excellent look to your outer yard. This rock is similar in structure with the gravel rocks. The only difference between these two rocks is that the river rock is larger in size. The river rocks are smooth in shape and look polished due to the effects of the currents from the river striking the rock. This rock can be used for different purposes such as for landscaping, planting trees, etc. and

  1. Pea Gravel

This rock is small in size, but of great use. You might be familiar with a different name because there are a number of names by which this rock is known. Some of us are familiar with the name Pete gravel while others may be knowing the name river pebbles or also beach couples. These rocks are pretty smooth in shape. The smoothness is the result of the regular action of the wind and the water on these rocks. The finishing of this rock is quite excellent and these rocks are versatile in use. You can use it for different purposes. The size of this rock is quite small which makes it perfect for covering of your outer yard. This is the best of all the landscaping stones available, as it comes in different colors to attract your eyes. It can also be used to make an artificial river bed which doesn’t have water around it.


  1. Rainbow rock

It’s fascinating to hear the name of the rainbow. It touches our heart. Same is the case with this rock. The size of this rock is large when compared with other rocks. This rock is a decent addition to your outer yard if you are willing to attract other people to your yard. This is another rock which is known by different names. One thing is common that, by any name you know this rock; it is a rock which will serve various purposes. The most common purpose which it is used for is in the creation of borders for your garden. The size of this rock makes it suitable and fascinating to create the borders. As the name suggests, you might have got the idea why it is called rainbow? If not, the name it got because of the fact that it is available in a number of colors. Another important use of this rock is in the prevention of the growth of weeds which can cause damage to your fields.

  1. Flagstone

A common rock which I think every one of us will know about is the flagstone. This rock is used for different purposes. Often you can see this rock being used in the construction field. The name of this rock has been given due to its shape which is flat. These rocks are often seen being used by decorators for decorating. You might have seen paths made for walking; these rocks are used for this purpose. The one important thing to note is that to use a flagstone in a better way, you need to use any material which can act as a base for the stones.


  1. Lava rock

Lava is a dangerous thing when you think about it. There are good things that are obtained from the areas which are volcanic prone. The Lava rock is the gift of these areas. As clear from the name, these rocks are found in the volcanic areas. Normally, it is found in the southwest region of America. The color of this rock is same to the boiling lava i.e. red. It is found in one other color which is purely black. There are different places in which this kind of rocks can be used. You can use it to fill up your ground or even to create a path for you.

  1. Boulders

The largest of all the above-mentioned rock is the boulder rock. There are various uses of this rock, but mostly it is used near the pool.

The above were the landscaping rocks which are available to you and which you can use to decorate your outer yard or garden.