Use Landscape Rocks for a beautiful makeover of your garden



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If you’ve decided to do a give a complete makeover of your garden, then the best materials that will help you in creating a stunning garden are the landscape rocks and stones. They come in various sizes, colors and shapes. As a garden designer you’ll have various options in choosing large boulders or small lava rocks to little pebbles. One more important aspect of using these rocks and stones in your garden is that they add a different kind of texture and shade to the garden. Apart from the eye-pleasing features, they are not much expensive and easy to maintain. Also, these landscape stones can be used in many situations and surroundings. They provide a brilliant addition to your landscape as pond linings, pathways, walls and stream beds. The main advantage of these rocks are they are long lasting and require minimal attention.

Listed below are some of the popular stones are rocks used in landscaping design:


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Boulders and large rocks provide a unique look to your garden in creating beautiful rock walls, lining the pathways or as accent sections in your garden. They come in different shapes and sizes to provide that natural setting feel to your garden. They also help you in hiding some places which you think may affect the overall beauty of the garden. These boulders are considerably heavy and require some assistance for transporting and moving across your garden.

Further the boulders are not just limited to be placed only on the surface, but can also be used in the design of walls, or create small rock caves as a playing area for children or just an enclosure to safeguard all your gardening tools or just create a fireplace or a fire pit to enjoy the outdoors.

River Stones

River stones are perfect to line the borders of the pond, or provide a beautiful base line for streams, fountains and waterfalls. River stones also come in various sizes and shapes and are mostly oval and shape and smooth in texture. Lining the borders of your ponds or lining along the pathways add a brilliant feature to your garden.

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One of the main reasons river stones are favored during a garden makeover or creating a beautiful landscape in your backyard, is that river stones are useful in filling any kind of empty spaces left over by other designs. Although small in size, they come in a variety of colors and with great quality to choose from. Also used in river beds to fill the gaps, so that these river stones can prevent the formation of weeds as well. Stone bordering is another decorative idea used many landscape consultants to beautify the gardens and flower beds.

Lava Rocks

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The lava rocks make a really good source for providing your garden with its own distinct look and feel. Mostly the red lava rocks also called as scoria makes a stunning addition to your garden landscape. A garden with only small trees and plants gives only a normal look, but with the addition of lava rocks, your garden will suddenly come to life. It too comes in different shapes and sizes, as they can be purchased as large rocks or small pieces. Adding lava rocks in small sizes look great in a flower bed or in an empty landscape.


One of the most popular ideas used by many garden owners is to fill their pathways and driveways with gravel, as it adds more texture and shade to it. These gravels come in polished and are versatile in nature and can be used in any situations. The gravels can look softer than stones, rocks or concrete and it can be filled or removed any place easily, in case you want to change the design. The landscape gravel also comes in different shades and types ranging from big stones, small pebbles to crushed tiny rock materials.

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Summing it up, these landscape rocks and stones provide a different look and feel to your garden and hence been the most popular choice for many garden owners and professional landscaping design consultants to add that extra bit of glamour to your backyard. Moreover, these landscaping stones become more and more beautiful with the time and makes for an excellent investment in providing a unique and natural feel to your garden