Ultimate Outdoor Fireplaces Landscaping Design Ideas


It is always a nice feeling to sit in front of an outdoor fireplace with your family members and enjoying the warmth that is generated from it during a cool and beautiful night, as you enjoy a cocktail or have a make a delightful BBQ for your family.

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If anyone wants to enjoy staying outdoors during the night, the best place would be near an outdoor fireplace, built using landscaping rocks, as it is the best investment you can have for your backyard patio. Fire-pits are good, but it constantly changes direction based on the wind and you need to adjust your seating based on that, which can be discomforting for some. People who sat before a fire-pit knew exactly that you can’t avoid smoke blowing over your face at any point of time, and that is where fireplaces built using landscaping stones and rocks comes to your rescue. The outdoor fireplaces won’t direct the smoke in your face, but will have it moved upward and away from you, allowing you to enjoy the night with your friends or family, without needing to worry about any smoke.

Readymade vs Custom Built Outdoor Fireplaces

There are lots of readymade outdoor fireplaces in the market in different colors and varieties, but the only problem with those fireplaces is that they don’t divert the smoke away properly as they are somewhat shorter in length than any fireplaces that are custom built and designed by landscaping design consultants. These custom-built landscaping rocks fireplaces can be made to be built with taller chimneys, so that the smoke billows away from you to a greater extent.

Go for shorter Firebox opening

One more important aspect is to make sure that the firebox opening is not greater than 30 inches in height, the reason being when you have a larger firebox opening, it will allow the wind to suck the smoke out of the opening in the front, rather than the smoke billowing out of the top through the chimney.

Bigger isn’t always better

Many think that building a large and bigger fireplace with a larger firebox will produce more heat, but that is not the case. An outdoor fireplace constructed using landscaping rocks properly can generate enough heat for a family to enjoy the evening. Actually, a larger firebox can decrease the heat output to a greater extent, if you burn a small fire in it. A smaller fire inside a larger box means, the walls of the firebox stays away from the fire and hence couldn’t divert the heat efficiently and hence all heat can be lost through the chimney. The best example can be a fire-pit, where if you sit closer to a fire-pit you can feel the heat, but when you go back a few steps, you won’t feel it. With a good landscaping rocks fireplace the heat generated inside the fireplace is directed evenly into the patio than a fire-pit where all the heat is lost is sucked in quickly by the air.

Hire a Professional Fireplace Consultant

If you are looking to build an outdoor fireplace in your backyard, then it is better to seek the help of an experienced fireplace consultant, as they can provide you the exact information about where the fireplace needs to be placed, the estimated budget, materials required and the time needed to complete the fireplace, etc. You can see a lot of companies that are selling ready-made fireplaces, but don’t have a simple clue of how it works, so never approach them. Only a custom built outdoor fireplace built by professional fireplace masons can give you that perfect fireplace that fits well with the landscaping design of your backyard and also allows you to enjoy the setting with your family and friends. Whereas when you go for a cheaper alternative of a readymade fireplace, you’ll end up having smoke billowing up your face often, rather than enjoying the evening. Landscaping stones veneer will make for a great fireplace, but you can always choose between artificial or natural stone based on your budget.


  • Natural looking
  • Highly durable and lasts longer
  • Helps keep the heat for a long time on the patio


  • Expensive
  • Takes some time to build