Rocks are the most natural and organic way to recreate the garden which provides the rugged look to the yard. People mostly create a rock garden as they are very low in maintenance and have a large range to experiment with plus also they are a cheap investment. Since, they are so much in demand that they act as a modern element to landscaping. You actually do not need a landscape designer or an expert whose guidance is needed in order to create the rock garden. You can use your own innovation and ideas to experiment and imparts a beautiful yet simple look to our garden. They are also known as ALPINE GARDEN.



  • Different slabs of landscaping rocks can make the stair cases which will be the perfect outdoor for your backyard. Different sizes of rectangular slabs will impart an informal look to the yard and will act as a slope for the outdoors.
  • Also, since rocks are available in various colors and the variants cluster of the few landscaping rocks around the flower pots and trees which will impart beautiful texture and visible accents to the garden.
  • A bigger rock subdivided into sub rocks against a single wall in a cascading structure will add to the scenic beauty of the garden with a sincere nostalgia that you are living in ancient period.
  • Since, the garden has to look immaculate and a perfect place to spend some time in a pleasant ambiance than a garden should be natural and rocks are the perfect organic natural material to create a visualizing effect for planted trees or flower plants.
  • Also, rocks are the most abundant and easily accessible material so a lighting effect on the rocks creates an extra exuberant feature in your garden. For this purpose a two tone type of rocks are used. You can also create small nests for birds.8
  • You can also place different colors of blue tiles like turquoise, navy, purple, etc. in the pond area of your garden. By this way you can make a dull looking pool area with a little glam effect.
  • You can set your landscaping apart with some landscaping stones You can also plant some arch trees besides the landscaping to impart a just perfect look.
  • Since the atmosphere is quite cold outside these days, the rocks can become the perfect example of creating comfort and a fireplace area.
  • landscaping rocks can added to provide the double or tripled bed borders around the grass area or wherever you want to create an innovation around your garden.
  • To attain the maximum natural look to your garden do a number of mixes and matches with different shapes and sizes and also with the variety of textures and the type of plants. When planning for landscaping design a rock garden, always consider turning the apace into a number of striking vignettes which will cover the entire landscape.
  • When you place the rocks above each other or even around the flora and fauna, some gap stills remains when you place the rocks next to each other. So in order to resolve this issue you can place rocks along with flower plants so as to avoid this situation.



  • When you want to create your own rock garden, choose the landscaping rocks that are native to your area so that the natural look can be justified.
  • Try to find subtle looking rocks so that simplicity can be portrayed at its best for the garden.
  • The flowers and the foliage in the garden should be of wide variety and should be well grown in your arena as per the climatic conditions.
  • Rock garden is like a property investment for your home as it adds an extra feature to your property as people will be ready to pay a few extra bucks for all the comfort and a time spending built in your own house.

These are the simple ways in which you can recreate your garden with a modern and yet beautiful look. One of the live examples is rock garden of Chandigarh; you can capture some innovative and creative ideas from that as well.