If you are buying a house or office, you want it to look attractive because it can make a lot of difference and help you make friends and draw client for your business. In such circumstances, the processes of landscaping rocks with moss as the cover are very useful. They help your place look very attractive. But whereas these landscapes may look very good, finding one may be very difficult. There are ways, by which you can either grow a moss on a rock according to the design you feel will look good for your building and interiors or apartment or buy one from the market.

First of all, you need to understand what is a moss and why is it needed. When you bring an artificial stone or rock for a garden or home, the rock may sometimes look out of place. To make it look good, you fill that rock with grass. This grass is grown at other places and spread on the rock in your garden and this is called moss.

The Process of Growing Moss. Whereas you cannot create a rock and have to buy or import it from somewhere, you can actually decide the process of landscaping or the way grass should be grown on it. There is some artificial man made ways of growing grass, which is used as moss on a rock or stones. Some of them may be as follows,

  1. Mixture of Sugar and Buttermilk. One of the best ways of growing moss on a stone or rock is to take some grass, clean it so that the mud attached to it gets removed, put it in a mixture and add some sugar and buttermilk to it and stir it in a grinder. Just spread the paste on the rock. If the rock is big like the one kept in your garden, then you can spread the paste at different places on the rock and moss will grow at different places on the rock.

If you spread the paste on smaller rocks or stones, like the one kept in your room at your home or your office, it will cover the entire rock with grass.

  1. Spreading Yogurt. Another way may be to paint plain yogurt on the rock or stone and then spread clean grass on it. This helps in landscaping grass on a rock.
  2. Purchasing It Online. You can also order moss for landscaping your stones or rocks online. You can order any kind and the size of moss and it will be delivered to you as soon as possible

Moss Design. This actually depends on the place where you are using a moss. Whereas most people use moss in their garden, living room or office, they can also be used in bedrooms, kitchen and washrooms, Whereas on one hand, if you want to give a traditional look to your place, moss is very helpful for that but they also help you in giving a more modern look to your home. The designer will also ensure that your accessories in a particular place are properly tuned with the moss. Suppose you are keeping a small moss on your table, then for it to look good you may have to ensure that it is tuned with the light of the lamp, which is kept on your table.

Choice of landscaping Stones. As a part of landscaping design, the rock or stone which you choose is very important. As mentioned above, whereas you can make and design the moss you want to use, it is very difficult to alter the stone or rock on which moss has to be made. Indeed, you can get your own stone or rock, if you live or visit a hilly region, but even then in most cases, it will need to be altered. There are many professionals, who help you choose the right rock of the right size and the kind to suit your place.

Suppliers. Whereas you have the option of getting your own stone and getting it altered, you can get the landscape supplies directly from the supplier. Along with supplying different kind of stones, they also inspect your home or office and help you decide the kind of stone and moss that be best suited for you.

Moss is the most economical way to decorate your place. Buy one and see how your friends praise you for it.