Landscaping with Rocks and Stones


A beautiful interior for your home will not complete your home makeover, but creating a beautiful outdoor landscape is important to complete the makeover to have a beautiful and attractive home, well balanced with attractive interiors and a natural exterior.

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Many think of only beautiful trees and shrubs when thinking of creating a beautiful landscaped garden, but the landscape rocks and stones can add that extra bit of glamour to your outdoor to a great extent. These landscape stones can be used throughout landscaping design right from lining the pathways, usage in fountains to creating delightful and decorative irrigation systems, etc., And these landscaping rocks come in various shapes, sizes and colors that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Many leading landscaping design consultants make optimum use of these landscaping stones and rocks in creating a contemporary or modern looking landscaped garden set up.

Can you do it yourself?

Obviously, if someone can do it, you can very well do it on your own, if you are willing to spend your time and effort on this. Nowadays, you can buy all required materials online as they have a lot of varieties and sizes available, so you can choose the best option that suits your design. But before going to buy the materials, you need to come up with a design. Having a plan is essential filled with all details, including the required materials, the area to be covered and the budget needed, as these will help you avoid surprises, once you are in the middle of the job. Also, sometimes the job of creating a landscape by yourself involves heavy physical labor, if you are planning to place large boulder rocks, as moving from one place to another requires some muscle power.

How much do they cost?

You can either use natural rocks or artificial landscape rocks as the artificial ones are less expensive than the natural ones. The prices may vary from a minim of $6 to a cubic foot to a maximum of $30 depending on the variety of the stones, their size and the shape of the stones. Boulders and large rocks like flagstone are a bit expensive and can cost you up to $15 to $20 per square foot.

Landscape Design Ideas

The landscaping rocks and stones can be used throughout your garden irrespective of the design you choose, as they provide a great source for creating beautiful patios, walkways and paths. If you chose a Japanese style rock garden, which is being favored by many recently, involves placing a huge black ornamental rock amidst a bed filled with sand and surrounded by green plants and shrubs to provide that exotic, simple and serene feel. With an addition of a water fountain adorned with landscape rocks, your elegant Japanese themed garden is ready. You can either use natural or artificial landscape stones and rocks, but you can find more colors and shapes when you go for artificial rocks.

Irrespective of the scheme or design, large landscape rocks can play a vital role in transforming your normal garden into a beautiful landscaped atmosphere as these large rocks can be used in edging in your garden. Since these stones are bigger in size, they can be opted for building natural fences, walls and garden barriers. The flagstones can be used to create beautiful pathways and patios, as they are flat and available in many colors to match any kind of your landscaping design.

Hiring a Professional Landscaping Design Consultant

Hiring a Professional landscaping design consultant can help you in many ways, as they have the experience in creating many landscaped gardens and will come out with a lot of ideas for your garden makeover. Even though they are a bit expensive than doing the job yourself, they can save a lot of time and effort from your end. Also these people have some understanding with companies that sell these landscape rocks and stones, so they can buy these at a much lower than the normal price available in the market. But make sure to get a price estimate before finalizing any landscape consultant and you can check out various landscape rock calculators online to check the accuracy of the estimate provided by them.