Landscaping Stones

We have all seen or heard about the prehistoric monument that is one of the best wonders of the world found in England. The Stonehenge monument was built thousands of years ago with giant stones each weighing up to 4 tons and was probably used for religious or spiritual ceremonies. The magnificent monument still stands today. All types of rocks and stones assembled into a beautiful landscape inside or outside of your home can also have the same effect of durability and beauty.

Where to acquire landscaping stones?

There are many places that specialize or sell particular types of stones. You can visit your local do-it-yourself superstores or those that sell all types of rocks, stones and pebbles for your gardening needs. Some of these can also be found through the internet or right in your own backyard. Your first consideration is what types of stones and materials are near you. You will also need to consider pricing. Some of the rocks and stones can be expensive; however, they may very well be worth it.


The advantages to creating a garden with stones, rocks and pebbles are the long term appeal it brings and the beauty associated with the appearance.   Once a garden is created, you will only have to maintain and replace a few of the smaller rocks that tend to wane over time. For home interiors, the stones are easy to clean and will only need special care once in a while.


You will want to consider the type of rocks or stones you will be adding to your garden. Small pebbles, crushed granite or river rocks can get stuck in your shoes and may scratch wooden floors. Some slightly larger rocks can also be caught by a weed eater or lawn mower and unfortunately break a window or hit someone in the face. Large rocks or stones may have to be maintained in order to avoid weeds from creeping through the rocks or the stones. For home interiors, you will have to make sure heavy items do not fall on top of the stones as these may crack. In some cases, it may not matter as the natural stones have small holes or cracks already in them.

Inside your Home

Natural stone tiles such as travertine, granite and marble are preferred by many as these not only look authentic, but also will add value and beauty to your house. The stones can be used on floors, backsplashes, walls, patios, fireplaces, bathrooms and kitchens. Stone will also keep your house cooler during the summer months.

Outside your home

Landscaping your garden with stones and all types of rocks provide endless possibilities. There are so many types, shapes, and colors to choose from that you can basically make all sorts of arrangements to come up with the most beautiful landscaping design you can imagine.

Waterfalls – the stones can be large and can be flat. These can be interlocked or positioned on top of one another or layered in a stair type arrangement. The water can cascade or flow from a higher level to a lower point and can drop to a small pond or pool. The stones can also be laid straight on top of each other. Waterfalls can also be created with surrounding rocks that are different shapes.

Furniture – landscaping stones can be used in the form or shape of a table with chairs to be used as patio furniture. A seating arrangement can be positioned near a fire pit or garden.

Steps or walkways – large stones can be placed on flat surfaces as well as small hills. Irregular shaped rocks or stones will look great when building a path. The only thing to remember is to make sure these are not slippery or too sharp.

Gardens – vegetables gardens can be separated and kept above ground by a number of layering rocks to keep the area clean of dirt and small animals from invading your gardens. Flower gardens can also be kept separate from the grassy area by adding rocks around the edges.

Just remember that rocks, stones and pebbles are all found in natural landscapes. There are many colors, shapes and decorative rock and stones available everywhere. Gardens set up with these decorative pieces will look like an authentic natural landscape that will add beauty and value to any property.