Landscaping rocks: give your dream place a new look

Landscaping rocks are generally used to enhance the exquisite appearance of an area by instituting a complimentary variety of rocks. Rocks are aggregate of minerals that vary from place to place because of different geographical conditions in distinct parts of the world. This enables to find a variety of landscaping rocks with alluring colors and textures. There are endless ways to utilize rocks in a space, completely depend upon one’s imagination. Still, this is a very big task to find the appropriate rock.

The landscape is an attempt to make the best use of the available space by shaping the land to reflect the natural qualities of site and by selecting rocks and plants. It is very important to use the appropriate combination of stones as it becomes a part of the owner’s life functionally, emotionally and aesthetically. Landscaping stone, landscaping designs remain a crucial issue to be observed.

Varieties of landscape rocks

  1. Flagstone- A generic flat stone.
  • Widely used for stairs, walkways, patios or even for retaining walls
  • A vast variety of colors are available like red, blue and buff
  1. Boulders – A large rock typically one that has been worn smooth by erosion.
  • Used for retaining walls, seating and decorative purposes.
  • Many sizes and shapes are available.
  1. Pavers – A mosaic paving stone.
  • Used in driveways, patios, walkways, retaining walls and much more.
  • A variety of colors are available.
  1. Stamped concrete – Stamped concrete is embossed or textured or patterned concrete, to resemble other attire of the surroundings.
  • It can give a beautiful custom feel to any patio, driveway, walkway and much more
  • It is available in many colors and styles.
  1. Riprap- These stones are used to form a foundation for a breakwater or other structure.
  • Complementary to plants in the landscape.
  • Vegetation may change, but the rock remains constant.
  1. Gravels- Gravels are small rocks, worn smooth over time by wind and water.
  • Green, yellow, brown and several other colors are available.
  • They are naturally polished.

These are few varieties of rocks used for decorating a landscape. Apart from these, several other stones are also present (i.e. river rock, rainbow rock, lava rock and so on). Along with the stones, landscape designing plays a very big role in an adorable landscape.

Landscape designing

Unity, scale, variety, sequence, balance, emphasis and simplicity are some elements which are the essence of landscape designing as they apply to line, form, texture, and color. All these elements are interlinked.

  • Unity is the trait of oneness. Everything present in a landscape should be approbatory to each other.
  • Form or shape comprises of 3D mass of the complete landscape.
  • A line indicates the periphery or walkways as it prescribes the entire space.
  • Texture can be light/heavy, thin /dense, fine/coarse and ray/shade. It is necessary to check the texture of rocks as it can turn into nasty and boring space instead of a pleasant one.
  • Color leaves an impact. Every color has its own significance. Therefore, the color of the rocks should be chosen according to the purpose (working, relaxing, etc.) of the space.
  • Balance is proportion on two ends of a landscape. It is fundamental to maintain an equilibrium to portray one’s imagination
    • Formal balanceIt does not differ from left to right It indicates stability, stateliness, and dignity. It is high maintenance keep both sides similar.
    • Informal balance- It differs from left to right giving curiosity, movement, and feels alive. The total mass of plants needs to balance left and right.
  • Scale directly affects the mindset of a person. It is closely related to other factors like colors. Height and size of rocks should be presented in such a fashion which can leave a pleasing impact in viewer’s single sight.
  • Simplicity and variety – Simplicity is considered as the essence of universality and the variety is the spice of life. Therefore, an appropriate blend of simplicity and variety is the basis of a heart throbbing landscape.
    • Repeat some stones in groupings take care of the color of stones.
    • Mix the several stones for the sake of variety, remembering the size and texture.
    • Do not use so much of verities, which give an overcrowded look.

Landscape designing, can’t be accomplished without the landscape supplies. Acquire knowledge about the available landscaping stones in the market and utilize the rocks in semblance.