Landscaping rocks and stone types to create a stunning garden


Landscape rocks and stones always gels nicely along with your other landscaping ideas for your garden. Professional landscape designers prefer these rocks and stones in almost of their projects, since it has found a place for itself in the idea of landscape gardens. One of the reasons, why these landscaping stones are preferred by many is because add beauty along with other purposes like providing solutions to your drainage issues as these can be found in your neighborhood along the streams and available in various shapes and sizes.

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Some of the favorite landscaping stones that many prefer are listed below:

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite also known as DG is a type of landscaping rocks that is gigantic, that is over the course years broken down into smaller pieces. The Dg or the Decomposed granites are best suited for walkways and patios. They look beautiful when used around arid plants as a top dressing. They are sold in cubic yards, where one cubic yard represents a 3 foot cube. You can either buy a cubic yard for $35-$50 or just buy a bag for $3 – $5 to fill a small portion.

It’s inexpensive and available easily.


Pea Gravel

Pea gravel derives its name from the look of the stone, where it shaped as a small rounded rock almost resembling a pea. These pea gravels come in various sizes, including 1/4, 1/2 and 5/8. They are available in various mixtures of colors and choose a color to the design of your garden.  The pea gravels can also be used for filling pathways and to close gaps between flat rocks. It is also available in cubic yards, where a single cubic yard costs you around $30-$50. One disadvantage of using the pea gravel in your landscaping design is you can find it difficult to move the lawn mower over these gravel pathways and needs to edged properly or these gravels can go out of place.

River Rock

The river rocks are comparatively bigger than the pea gravel up to 1 or 2 inches in diameter. They also come in different colors and sizes. Normally they are used for making dry creek beds or to allow drainage flow through one place to another. And river rocks can be purchased in pounds or tons, where 1 pound of river rock can cost you about 5-35 cents and a ton of river rock can cost you about $100 – $700 based on the variety of river rock you choose from.

One disadvantage is it could be difficult to remove the weeds in between the rocks and should be maintained consistently. For natural looking dry creek bed, you don’t always need to go for similar sized river rocks, but can mix all kinds of sizes to make it look completely natural.

Crushed Granite Gravel

Even though the crushed granite gravel looks similar to the decomposed granites, it’s a bit different as it’s a bit solid in texture. The decomposed granites has particles that are smaller when compared to the crushed granite gravel. Also the texture is a bit harder than the pea gravel, but makes a perfect choice for walkways and patios.

These are sold by yards and go up to $60 for a yard, depending on the location you live, as it may be a bit costly in rural areas due to the difficulty in transporting these materials. But these add more texture and look in the garden than the decomposed granites to provide a contemporary look. The only disadvantage is it will be tough to find a location to buy these crushed granite gravels.

Mexican Beach Pebbles

The Mexican beach pebbles are loved by garden owners and landscaping design consultants as they look lovely in any garden set up with its grayish-black color. The landscape stones are rounded in shape and have a smooth texture. And they look wonderful when lined around flower beds or when top-dressed around plants.

These Mexican beach pebbles are available in in pounds and tons, where you can get a pound of these stones for around $35 cents and a ton can cost you around $700. These stones are really pricey because they make your garden more sophisticated and elegant.