Landscaping Design Ideas using Flagstone


Flagstone is one of the most commonly used materials in landscaping design ideas. Flagstone is obtained using breaking down the sedimentary stones into smaller layers, and it since it is thin and flat, it is pretty easy to work with. Not only easy, they also look beautiful when used in walkways, patios, walls and seating areas. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes. These landscaping rocks are available in various color palettes including blue, orange, gold, red, pink and white.

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Why Choose Flagstone?

No two flagstone can be of the same size, which is itself a unique characteristic of itself. With its uneven shape and sizes, these landscaping stones provide immense ways in creating different design ideas.

They can be either laid as a plain surface using concrete to bind the stones, or if you need a more natural look just place it individually by allowing grass or mulch to grow in between the landscaping stones.

These flagstones are perfect for walkways and paths as they are non-slippery in nature and is suitable for any kind of weather conditions. And the design is entirely up to you, as you can design a pathway with a single uniform colored stones or use contrast colored stones according to the environment surrounding the path or walkways.

Benefits of using Flagstone

  • Since each flagstone is unique, using these landscaping rocks in your design provides you with the ability to create a stunning pathway.
  • Flagstones when compared to other materials being used in walkways, is less expensive and highly durable and is considered worth the investment.
  • Maintenance is very less when compared to other materials and can be easily replaced in case of damages.
  • You can either lay the flagstones individually or place grass or mulch to grow in between, providing you the opportunity to lower the water evaporation and also to create a permeable surface.


It’s always good to compare the pros and cons when buying materials for your landscaping design, and when it comes to natural stone, you can’t find anything that can come ahead of flagstone. It has great appeal, unique, highly durable and requires less maintenance. Another reason why people go for these flagstones is because of the irregular shapes these comes with, providing you with endless ideas.


Some varieties of stones can be a bit expensive as they can cost you up to $30 per square foot of landscaping stones. But normal varieties can be found for around $5 per square foot. One thing to keep in mind is while buying stones, the farther you go the higher the price you’ll pay, as it includes transportation too.

Flagstone Maintenance

Flagstone requires maintenance, but less when compared to other materials. Any flagstone patio or walkway will last for long it is properly sealed, cleaned and repaired regularly.

Sealing Flagstone

Sealing is an important process to be done after laying the flagstone, as they are subjected to stains. Stains can be caused in areas where the water has more minerals or is more alkaline and also occur during parties that take place in the spaces where cooking and dining is done Sealing is done to fill all the pores in the landscaping stones and resists the spills. But care should be taken to avoid glossy finish sealers, as they can affect the natural beauty of the flagstones. Matte finish sealers are the most preferred ones.

Cleaning Flagstone

Regular cleaning and sweeping along the flagstone pavements and walkways ensures that dirt doesn’t accumulate over the stones for longer periods to create stains. In case you find stains, you can use bleach with water to clean it easily or simply use cleaners that are readily available in stores to clean flagstones especially. Care should be taken to clean the flagstone quickly to remove the acids after it is cleaned to prevent future damages.

Repairing Flagstone

Using flagstones in your landscaping design provides you with immense benefits as it is laid individually and hence can be replaced easily if it gets damaged due to cracks, stains or scratches. You don’t need to alter the entire patio or walkway, but just need to remove the single landscaping rock that is damaged by a new one.