Installing landscaping rocks – a DIY guide

When it comes to decorating your outer yard or your garden and to make it attractive, the best option is using the landscape rocks for this purpose. There are a number of rocks available in the market which serves different purposes. These are quite heavy and are indestructible. These two factors make it suitable to be used in such purposes as in the open air it has to deal with a lot of things like the wind, air, rain, and other natural calamities which can cause huge damage to anything that can be blown away easily. The other good point of these rocks is that they don’t need to be changed regularly. The most important and troublesome thing about using these rocks is the installation process. Installation of these rocks requires a number of tiring and physical activities to be performed. But if you are willing to install it by yourself we will show you the steps how to do the installation?


  1. The first thing and the most important thing you need before installation are the landscaping design. First, you have to get a proper design according to your needs. Once you are done with the exact design, you can move towards the next step.
  2. The next step in the installation process is the selection of the landscaping rock which you feel is good according to your design. As there are various types of rocks available through landscape supplies, you need to choose the one which will suit your plan. You must be aware of the fact that using rocks in an area will increase the amount of heat in that particular area. So, it is better to have trees around the rocks which are able to survive in extra heat.
  3. A proper location comes next in the list. It can often be tough for you to carry heavy rocks to an area which lies in the corner or in such a part that the rocks are difficult to carry. So, choose a location in which you feel comfortable that carrying the rocks is not a problem.2
  4. The next important thing you must look out for is the calculation of the area in which you want to place the rocks and calculation of the numbers of rock which you want. By calculating the number, it becomes easy for you to order and you can ask the supplier to unload the rock near the exact area which you want to decorate.
  5. Cleaning of the area comes next in the list. You need to properly clear the area in which you are about to install the rocks. Remove all the unwanted plants by dislodging it from the root. Throw out all the unwanted stuff that has gathered in the area. Make it clean properly.3
  6. Placing a barrier which will prevent the growth of unwanted plants is the next step you need to follow. Take any fabric that will act as a protective layer to avoid the growth of unwanted plants and roll it all over the area you have cleaned.4
  7. Initial placement of landscaping rocks: Take a shovel and pick some landscaping rocks in it. You need to start placing the rocks from the side that is quite away from your building.
  8. Once you have finished placing the landscaping stones in the farthest area, you need to carry on with this process and need to fill the total area with rocks. You need to place the rocks in layers. Place one layer after another until the height reaches about 3”.
  9. Smoothen up the surface: Next step is leveling the surface of the rocks which you have laid down in the area which you need to enhance. You can use any tool for the smoothening of the top surface of the rock bed. You need to carry on the process till the top layer of the rocks becomes evenly placed.
  10. The Final touch: The last step you need to follow is giving the finishing touch to the landscaping rocks you have placed. You need to clean the dust, which might have gathered on the rock due to transportation or due to air. To clean the dust, you simply need to add some water to the top of the rock. This will clear all the dust. And with this step you have finished installing the rocks.