How to use Rocks to Make Your Garden Come Alive

Gardens form a very special part of the home. They can be used to sit and relax. They get you closer to the nature. They make your home look more beautiful. But we often find ourselves wondering how to decorate your gardens. Let us have a look at a thing which can help you in solving this problem. This thing is landscaping rocks. They can be used in a variety of ways to make your garden look unique and vibrant. There are a variety of landscaping designs that can be used. You can choose from artificial landscaping stones, boulders or you can keep it simple and use the real rocks. These stones will definitely add a lot to your garden. You can have infinitely many ideas for using them.

The plan

The first and foremost thing that one needs to do is to make a plan of what they want to do, how they want to do it and how the final output should finally look. So, your first step should be picking up a paper and pencil and start listing down how you want the things to be. You should draw about what needs to be placed where. But remember not to draw every minute detail because this can land you in a messed up sheet and at the time of execution of the plan you will get confused and won’t achieve anything. So keep the idea neat and clean. It is quite possible that you may get multiple ideas and get confused. Just draw all the ideas you get and then you can choose the best of them. Also, it is quite possible that you don’t get any idea and feel absolutely clueless about what is to be done. In that case you shouldn’t panic. You can ask your family members to give you some ideas and hints and then you can creatively mix and match their ideas to create the final plan. If that doesn’t help too, you can take help from internet where you can find many pictures of beautiful gardens made using these rocks.

The execution

After you are done planning, you will have to choose the place to buy the landscape supplies. You can find them in the market near to your place. If you are too lazy and don’t want to dirty your hands you can find a lot of places selling these stuff online as well. And if you feel that you don’t want to spend your money to buy the things that are naturally available around, you can walk around and pick up everything that you feel can be used in the execution of your plan or can be used to beautify your garden further. You should keep a few things in mind when selecting the stones. Choose the stones according to your yard.

  • Choose white stones for the areas where the amount of sunlight received is less so that the area gets brightened up.
  • Make sure that you choose a color and style which you like. If you choose something that you can like only for a limited period than you will find yourself in trouble because the style and color of the stones chosen will remain there for years to come or you will end up changing the design again which is quiet a difficult task.

Once you are selecting the stones and have the idea with you just start decorating. Use your mind and creativity and put things together. This task requires a lot of effort so should be ready to sweat yourself.


These rocks are very useful thing for the garden. They do not require a lot of maintenance. You just need to see that they stay on the ground properly and might have to give them a check after a bad storm. But otherwise they don’t require much of your attention. They also add durability to the ground cover. If used properly they can result in a very beautiful garden. Also you don’t need to narrow your thoughts when using them. Try every option you like. You can use them at places other than the ground. They can be used to make fire pits to add a more natural look to your garden. You can always look around for ideas. The nature is full of fantastic ideas used by God to beautify our earth.