Cost Factors involved in paving your landscape


Each and every landscape is unique and it’s pretty hard to estimate the cost of the landscaping rocks and materials required for paving your landscape. You can only arrive on some generalized figure during the early stages to arrive at an estimated cost, but there are factors that can drive up the cost to some extent. These factors are specific to each site and may add up to your material and installation costs.

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Take into account these cost factors that can add up to your estimates:

Patio type

One of the simplest patio types is a square patio with square pavers, as it’s easy to install and less expensive too. Whereas if you need a patio that is not square, but include a curved design, can become expensive as needs more intricate work to be done. And this intricate working to cut the landscaping stones in the preferred design can add up to the square foot costs of the project.

Prevailing conditions

The existing setup and conditions also adds up to the total cost. Take for example, the place where you need the pavement consists of just empty lawn or a walkway, it is easier to remove as all you needed to do is just digging to remove those and build the paving. But if you have any existing structure that needs to be demolished, that may add up to the cost to a greater extent. Also one more factor is the access to your backyard. If the access is too narrow for machines like a bobcat or other equipment’s to enter, then all the job needs to be done manually, and hence an increased labor force is required, which can also add to the overall cost. Not only for machines, but also materials need to be carried manually, if it can’t be unloaded near the installation site, if the access is narrow.

Dump Removal

When you paving involves to be built by demolishing some existing structures, then there will a lot of dump is produced, which needs to be hauled away from your site. And this involves the consultant to hire trucks to remove those demolished materials and heavy equipment is needed to load these materials into the trucks. Hence, hiring heavy equipment’s and trucks can add up to your cost, which you may not have foreseen earlier.

Soil Conditions

If you are area is filled with heavy soil, then before installing the pavements, the soil should be compacted to a greater extent, so that settling in the future is prevented and the paving lasts longer. Longer compaction means requires more time, effort and use of special compactor machines. Some kind of soil also demands using a special mixture of geo-textile to prevent settling and also to maintain the structural integrity of the soil.

Excavation Costs

Some landscapes demand for excavation to keep the surface of the paving at the correct level. And the excavation depth needs to be increased for driveways, as it needs to support the weight of the vehicles. But it is not the case for walkways and patios. When you need paving that is more permeable, it involves excavating to a greater depth for additional layers of gravel to be laid. Also the cost of removal of these excavated debris also adds to the cost.

Edge Conditions

There are a lot of cases, where people report that the edge blocks of the paving comes out of place in quick time, because they are not properly laid by protecting the edge blocks. But most of the experienced landscaping design contractor’s use many techniques for holding the edge together, either by using some support structure that keeps the outer landscaping rocks from below the paving, covered by soil or grass, or using concrete strip adjacent to the outer blocks to curb it from moving out of place. And all these may add to your overall cost

Paver Designs

When you go for a landscaping stones paving, there are a lot of designs involved, right from a simple design to elaborate patterns. And when you opt for an elaborate pattern, it involves using more units of landscaping rocks and thus may add up to your cost.