Being creative with landscaping rocks and boulders

Everyone has one’s own choices. Some people have a passion for cars, while others like new clothes, but then there are those, who love stones and rocks. They like to decorate both the interior and exterior of their house and office with stones and rocks because it makes their place look beautiful and at the same time does not cost much on the pocket.

Whereas on one hand, some people like to use small stones to decorate their place, these days there are some people who want to keep large size landscaping rocks to decorate their house. These large sized rocks can be used for landscaping design and are known as Boulders.

You can be very creative with boulders by using them at different places in both your home and office. Some ideas you can experiment with include:


Using Boulders By The Poolside. This can look most wonderful. You can use it as a water stream. Apart from having a bath in the open, you can also enjoy a party along the poolside. It will give you an impression that you are having a party out in the open near a big rock and makes you feel as though you are having a bath near to the nature.

A Combination Of Plants And Boulders. Just put boulders outside your house and put some plants around them. If the combination of plants and boulders is put outside your house, it will surely attract lots of people and make you win their praise. While using them outside your home, you can make a staircase with their help. The visitors in your home will find it very different when instead of climbing regular stairs; they get to climb small boulders.

Having Tea Near A Boulder. One of the most common places to put boulders is your garden. Whereas you can sit around the boulders and have a cup of tea, children can climb boulders in the garden and have good fun. There are many people, who use boulders while giving a look of a Japanese garden to their garden. They buy boulders with either moss grown on it or grow it themselves. It looks beautiful.


Using A Combination Of Boulders And Wood. Again, just like the combination of plants and boulders, the combination of wood and boulders also looks great. Many people use landscaping stones and rocks in place of boulders for the passage between your house and the main entrance, which is called a walkway.

Landscaping Between Two Houses. If both you and your neighbor are a fan of stones, you can use them to build a landscaping bridge between the two houses. It will certainly give a great feeling walking from one end of the bridge to another with all the landscaping and stone down under.

Drive Way. Depending on your choice, you can make a way surrounded by either boulders or landscape near your garage, where you park your car. Imagine your car moving through a boulder with huge landscaping rocks on both sides. It can be a very different experience altogether.

Creating Benches. Landscaping can be used to make benches outside your home and seats in your house. Sitting on these seats or benches after a hard day’s work can be very relaxing.


Creating Just Your Private Place. Again, imagine that after a hard day’s work, you want to sit in a private corner and enjoy some music with a cup of coffee. A small boulder near your home can be just the right private place for you.

Using Boulders Commercially, Boulders` are used commercially in a big way these days, Especially those who run gymnasium like to keep boulders, maybe because looking at such a big rock inspires people to build their body like that.

Using Boulders On The Terrace. Many people have heard about the concept of garden on your roof, but not many people have given a thought to a boulder garden made of landscaping rocks on a rooftop. People living in apartments who want to build a rock garden and do not have an open space on the ground floor can build a boulder garden at the rooftop.

Now a days, if you want to enjoy a holiday near a mountain or rocks, but do not have the time to visit those places due to your busy time schedule, you need not worry as in the form of landscape supplies, a rocky terrain will come to your place. You can mold a rock and enjoy it at your house or workplace.